Remaining an artist: the art of Alexandra Suvorova

Alexandra’s work is deep and compelling, both technically stunning and also intellectually stimulating. I was drawn to her “Forbidden Garden” series of paintings, which are beautifully rendered still life oil works of gorgeous flowers and insects, with the centerpeices being human organs such as the brain, lungs, etc. It was interesting and a unique wayContinue reading “Remaining an artist: the art of Alexandra Suvorova”

History is cyclical: an interview with artist Ben Ashton

The stunning work of Ben Ashton is not soon forgotten. I remember when I first saw one of Ben’s paintings in person. Alluring and seductive in its historical detail, value, and subject matter of a beautiful portrait, it was also disturbing, as the paint on the portrait had been smeared smoothly up and to theContinue reading “History is cyclical: an interview with artist Ben Ashton”

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice Curated by Jessica Libor Show dates: 10 pop-up exhibitions between November 15th–January 31 Fire and Ice: winter colors are full of contrast: magical icy landscapes and glittering blue crystals, and the warmth of flickering fires and comforts of the holidays. Artists participating include: Lauren Sansaricq, Lucas Bononi, Carrie Barcomb, Irene Nunn, DimelzaContinue reading “Fire and Ice”

Autonomy through Art: an interview with artist Mathieu Nozieres

Mathieu Nozieres’ work brings to mind gothic French novels, historical illustrations yet with a bit more verve and passion, with a sense of mystery and story to each piece. We were able to catch up with Mathieu and bring you some of the workings behind the imaginings of the artist. When did you begin toContinue reading “Autonomy through Art: an interview with artist Mathieu Nozieres”

Quality speaks volumes: an interview with Joshua Rose, editor of American Art Collector

If you walk into any Barnes and Noble, you’ll see stacks of American Art Collector in the art publication section. For collectors and artists alike, American Art Collector is one of the gold standards of media, especially within the contemporary realism realm. At Era Contemporary, it was thrilling to see an artist that we alsoContinue reading “Quality speaks volumes: an interview with Joshua Rose, editor of American Art Collector”

February 2018–Small Beauties

It’s the little things in life that matter the most sometimes…and in this case, the little art! Guests and artists joined us in either location in Philadelphia or New York for a show that celebrated the small and the beautiful. Jewel-like masterpieces made in traditional media were curated into a beautiful selection of work byContinue reading “February 2018–Small Beauties”


Stargarden exhibition was hosted by The DaVinci Alliance on September 1, 2017 from 6 to 9:30pm, and included the artwork of 23 artists from various parts of the nation.  The artists were: Antonietta Kies, Phyllis Gorsen, Jessica Libor, Jingyi Wang, Richard Buchanan, Cassandra Bacon, Lindsay Rapp, Ting Ting Hsu, Caterine Sanchez, Nathan Durnin, Gabrielle Chapman,Continue reading “Stargarden”